Thursday, 29 January 2009

Darfur- World Food Program- Latest News

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Key overall developments

In 2009, WFP plans to support 3.8 million conflict-affected people in Darfur with approximately 516,000 mt of food assistance. The bulk of this assistance will be provided through General Food Distributions to IDPs living in camps and host communities, as well as to poor rural households. Nutrition support will also continue to malnourished women and children through the Supplementary and Blanket Supplementary Feeding programmes. School children will also continue to receive daily cooked meals at school to encourage enrolment and regular attendance. Where the security situation allows, WFP plans to support rural communities with small-scale recovery projects to rehabilitate community infrastructure.

In 2008, the NFI & ES Common Pipeline in Darfur supported a total of 232,390 IDP households who required replenishment, 52,101 newly-displaced households and 26,964 households of other categories such as disaster-affected populations, extremely vulnerable persons, refugees, organized and spontaneous returns, and vulnerable host communities. Of the households supported, 31% were located in North Darfur, 42% in South Darfur and 27% in West Darfur. In total 1,224,159 non-food items and emergency shelter were distributed throughout the region, considerably less than in 2007,which reflects the introduction of the policy of targeted distributions

Needs and response by sector


North Darfur

In collaboration with UNICEF, the State Ministry of Education has provided 280 desks and benches, 20 chalkboards, and sets of office furniture to eight communities across the state, as part of the ongoing Child-Friendly Community Initiative (CFCI) that encourages community leadership in providing social services. Twenty new classrooms have been constructed in these communities. In addition, the State Ministry of Education has provided 204 sets of classroom furniture to a further 12 schools operated through the CFCI programme.

South Darfur

World Vision mobilised community members to construct two classrooms at
El-Zhara School

West Darfur

Mercy Corps in Zallingei trained 160 girls in crochet handiwork in Hassa Hissa and Hamidiya camps. They also delivered messages on breastfeeding to 80 mothers in Hamedia camp, and trained 90 children from the two Child Friendly Spaces in Hassa Hissa camp in personal hygiene.

Food Security and Livelihoods

North Darfur

Despite the deteriorating security conditions in the state, WFP trucks have dispatched 94% of the planned tonnage for this month. Distributions have so far occurred with minimal disruptions. WFP is working with partners to ensure capacity building for local Food Aid Management Committees (FAMCs) who carry out food distributions when insecurity prevents WFP or NGO access. Plans are underway to re-elect community members to FAMCs and carry out trainings. Nutrition food preparation hand books were distributed to schools participating in WFP's Food for Education (FFE) programme as well as to nutrition feeding centres in an attempt to improve the use of WFP food commodities. FFE programme management and reporting trainings were completed for school feeding focal points in WFP supported schools in Saraf Omra and Serief Bin Hussein localities.

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