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How to talk with spirits and other unseen phenomena

There are essential ground rules to consider before embarking on communication with the spirits that exist on "the other-side". Everybody has the gift of communication, not just a select few. As with any form of muscle for a workout, the same can be said for the communication with the spiritual world. One of the most fundamental aspects is to ground the self. This can be attained simply by following this exercise. Firstly close your eyes. It is when you have your eyes closed that you are able to see so much. This helps with third eye activation, just like when we go to sleep at night. The spirit world will always connect with you first in your sleep, especially, once you have stated you intention to do so. When you're asleep, you do not judge or prejudge, you just accept. Deep relaxation is important as it helps the body, mind and spirit to be still, so that you can become aware of other feelings and sensations. As you breathe, take a deep breath in through the nose, hold, and release through the mouth, each time releasing stress. Breathe in love and breathe out stress. When you feel the stress has been released, breathe in light, either white light or golden light, and breathe it out into your aura, the energy field around your body. A great way to enter a deep relaxed state is to affirm to yourself three times the following phrases, "I relax the muscles of my head and face"," I relax the muscles of my neck and shoulders". "I am feeling calmer and more relaxed". Continue this exercise until all areas of the body have been affirmed. It is beneficial to say three times as it take three times before it enters the unconscious mind. Then once at the feet, visualize fine roots burrowing themselves from your feet and into the earth, deeper and deeper to the earths core. Once the roots are connected to the earth visualize the energy from the centre of the earth rising up through your roots, up through your feet and into your legs until it reaches the base chakra. The body consists of 8 major chakra or energy centres. Visualize the light and energy to rise up through each of the chakras, base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, thymus, throat, third eyes and the crown chakra, visualizing each one open like a flower or lotus blossom. You may wish to see them begin to spin...From the top of your head or crown visualize your aura, within a golden glow and begin to expand your consciousness as you begin to sit in the power. Feel your energy encompass your space. Become aware of the energy within the room, for example. Then expand your energy until it encompasses your house or centre you find yourself within. Become aware of how that makes your energy level feel. Now expand your energy with nature, feel a connection with the trees, plants, flowers, insects, animals. Try to become aware of your energy and their energy. Connect with the seasons of spring summer autumn winter, connect with the sky, clouds, rocks mountains and so forth until you are able to expand your consciousness with the planet earth. Feel your affinity and connection to it. Then take your expanded consciousness to the stars, the universe and the planetary system. Feel the connection with your aura to this expanded consciousness awareness. Now expand your consciousness to the "other side", to the world beyond this one where you can expand your consciousness to departed loved ones as well as the spirit realms. Feel their connection blend with yours as you continue to expand your aura and your self awareness. Try to become aware of how you feel as you make this connection . Allow any images or insights to impress upon you. Continue to expand your consciousness through the veils of the spirit realms to higher states of consciousness to the Angelic realms. Connect with the energy of Angels and Archangels. Meditate on your reflections. Continue to expand the consciousness with Ascended Masters and higher states of consciousness until you connect to the energy of source, or God/Goddess. Become one with this source and visualize this filling your aura with love. Depending upon what state and level of consciousness you wish to connect to, you can stop at a certain level and not go beyond it until you feel you are ready. When you have completed the exercise, bring your consciousness state back to the room and visualize pulling your aura back towards you, to around 1-3 feet from the body. Then take your attention to the top of the head and close the chakra centres, from the crown down to the sacral. With the base chakra, always leave this one open, to ensure your feet are firmly rooted in the earth. When you are ready, take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth and in your own time, open your eyes. It is advisable to keep a diary of your experiences and each time you will have greater connection and communication with the spirit world and beyond. Alternatively, just sitting in the silence, is an ideal way to expand your consciousness and your awareness. Awareness is important as it connects you to knowing yourself as a human being and spirit, as well as understanding the energy associated with the spirit world. It is also important to remain of a positive loving mind, sending loving thoughts out to the spirit world. The same vibration will tend to connect with your energy if you are able to focus on the power of love. If however you project out negative thoughts or fears you may attract an entity or playful spirit energy that is only existing on the astral planes as opposed to the spirit world. Those on the astral planes have not returned to the light and may remain earthbound for various reasons. It is important to remember if you are wishing to develop this area of connection, do not do this alone (to begin with) and do not do this if you are suffering from depression or if you are of a nervous disposition. Once you have expanded your consciousness, by sitting in the silence, focus and intention, projecting out love, you can call upon your door keeper, that is the master guide that stands in the door way, between two worlds. Allow the first impressions to come to the fore. Try not to judge what you are receiving, everything that is received, happend for a reason. This guide will establish a connection to you and you can begin the communication and trust between the two of you. From then you can follow your Door keeper guide into the garden of rememberence. Visualize your self in a garden, with vibrant coloured flowers and trees. Become aware of your surroundings. In the garden is a bench. Sit on this bench and think about the people you would like to connect with. Visualize them stepping out of a silky mist and walking towards you . Visualizing assists with the clairvoyant activity (clear seeing). Visualize them sat at your side and listen to their whispers. This assists with Clairaudient development (clear hearing). Feel their energy next to you and try to become aware what you feel their energy is like, feeling assists with the Clairsentient activity, (clear feeling). As they are next to you you may become aware of an aroma, or scent that emenates around them. This can be reasurance for you to know that they are close by or assisting your pathway. This is called Clairalience. As you can see there is so much depth and learning to connect with the spirit world. Take it one step at a time. you may find you need to develop one gift before moving onto the next. When you are ready, the master will appear. By Jason Nicholas Ritche Published Writer on Helium.com

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