Saturday, 21 January 2012

2012 and Beyond

2012 is not the end, it is only the beginning of a new era within our lives. As planetary alignments come into play they make their way through the houses of our astrological charts, making us address certain issues we need to face. Saturn enters Libra this year bringing the past back to the moment to work through any karmic issues we may have to face.

What are your views on Planetary alignment and shifts through the houses of our birthcharts? Do they have a reflection on what happens to us in our daily lives? Is it all mapped out through the stars, or do we have a choice with the power of our thoughts?

Can healing and working with the Violet Flame shift our consciousness and life path to a new level and existance?

This blog attracts many readers. We would like to hear your views and start a discussion and debate about shifts in consciousness and Planetary Alignmnet.

Please add a comment below. Thank you for sharing and we look forward to hearing from you. Big Hugs Jason and Luis


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing it up.
I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.
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Mitch Lopate said...

It works by gravity. And it doesn't matter about your beliefs: as long as you're in a human body form, you're going to undergo all the lessons that astrology is trying to teach you to be aware of: Life Experiences and how/why they're supposed to make you aware of the challenges and opportunities you're facing.

By gravity, astrology works on our endocrine system: the water and fluid levels of our hormone and neurotransmitters that affect our emotions and moods. The planets themselves in their alignments and movements activate various wavelengths of gravity that pull and tug on our internal organs--especially the endocrine organs. As they release their respective fluids in the small amounts that determine our physical and emotional changes, we react accordingly. The Sun also works in this manner on our bodies: we need solar rays to survive and be healthy. When solar activity (flares, sunspots, etc.) are radiated at the Earth, we physically undergo subtle but significant reception and changes. Obviously, the Moon works on our bodies in this manner; women embody this more apparently in their monthly reproductive cycles.

Astrology also functions as a mirror of our soul growth and progress. The planets are not just physical activators on our bodies--they are also physical facilitator-reminders of Life Episodes and Growth cycles that we are supposed to be learning. However, in our human vanity, we often ignore, refuse, decline, or just avoid much of the opportunity to DO something when a planet is trying to tell us "look here at this time frame in life and DO something about it." Thankfully, Our Creator had better plans for us, whether or not we know astrological concepts. So, it's not a matter of "I believe" or not: we're ALL experiencing astrology and its impact on our lifetime.

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