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Sirian Star seeds-Welcome Home

Those who have Sirius as their stellar origin are extremely centered, extremely driven and set on any path they're on at a specific time. It is extremely hard to alter the mind of someone from Sirius, but when they've become certain that a fresh "path" is more advantageous, they get completely centered on the new, and give up the old promptly. Sirian Starseeds have firm notions, ideals and personal integrity.

Those from Sirius make faithful, dependable friends, but require the aforementioned in return. They get hurt and disenchanted when these expectations are not matched. Sirian Starseeds don't share the internal personal self with other people easily, and may have trouble sharing emotions and conveying feelings and needs. To be fully admitted and intrusted as a close personal friend of a Sirian Starseed implies that you've been carefully sized up. Sirian Starseeds might have trouble in relationships and friendships when they demand to be treated in a particular way, but don't share their expectations with the other people affected. It's crucial to work with sharing expectations, ideals, conveying wants and hopes to head off being wounded and disenchanted. This often happens as a consequence of want of communicating or lack of common understanding and clearness in relationships.

Those from Sirius incline to be future orientated, and don't love centering on the past. They might turn defensive if coerced to center on the past by other people. This flows from to the fact that past pain and emotion is bound within, refused and pent-up instead of being coped with at the time of happening. Attributable to this there might be deep amounts of old emotion in need of being coped with and released. Sirian Starseeds don't enjoy face-offs or open expressions of hostility but if pressured into an controversy will defend themselves and their feelings ferociously. This is especially true if honor of themselves or beloveds is involved. One of the lessons many Sirian Starseeds have opted to work with in this life is the importance of giving up old pain, forgiving self and other people, and going on.

Sirians have a very unequalled and solid sense of wit, which often times is only seen once they're with those they confide and feel at ease with. Sirians may be regarded idealists by a few. This flows from to their active, intense inner life. This can induce forgetfulness and a propensity to not notice trivial third dimensional matters in the present. They might from time to time seem to be indifferent, or unobservant, but in actuality they're simply someplace else. They might not recognize that others are unsuspecting of their internal activity. Though they seem very serene, restrained and distant on the surface, there's a great deal of activity inside. As kids, Sirian Starseeds may often be thought to have learning handicaps or thought to have troubles with their attention span. This flows from to the attraction of the inner existence, which is often more fascinating than that which is learned in Earth schools. They do best in learning when visual techniques of instruction are utilized, and they're permitted hands on types of discovering with freedom to move around and research. These are children who profit greatly from unconventional schools, the are very bright but firm enough within to feel that if something doesn't interest them, they shouldn't be required to learn about it.

Those from Sirius have a rich link to the Earth and energies of nature. Many Sirian Starseeds have had many lives as Native Americans and preserve close ties and memories of those lives. They're extremely visual, both in their power to envision things which others don't, and in their manner of learning.


Mulle said...

I have a friend who is an Asperger. The description of the Star seeds from Sirian suits very well with his personality. Could it be that Aspergers (which is called a disorder on the Autism spectrum) in reality are starseeds from Sirius, or possibly from other starts who have not learned to adapt to earth life?

Sapphyre Opal said...
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Sapphyre Opal said...

@ Mulle Not all people with Aspergers are Sirian starseeds, nor are all Sirian starseeds going to be diagnosed with Aspergers (although a lot are diagnosed with learning disorders). It is however entirely possible your friend is indeed a Sirian starseed. From what I understand of the starseed phenomenon, a lot of starseeds will exhibit food allergies or intolerances, symptoms of learning disorders, ADD or ADHD, possibly even disorders such as Schizophrenia as their human bodies here on Earth can't quite handle the higher energy frequencies of these souls.

To answer your question, it is entirely possible Aspergers in a lot of cases are actually starseeds both for the reason I mentioned above about their higher energy frequencies but also as you said, due to not have yet learned how to adapt to life on earth or "fit in" with the other earthlings.

I myself am a Sirian/Arcturian starseed who happens to have been diagnosed with autism as a child (diagnosis changed to Asperger's/high-functioning autism after a few years). Does your friend have great interest in the stars? If yes, do they intuitively look at any particular star(s)? Which one(s)? Do they long for home when they are stargazing? There are many websites listing characteristics of starseeds, which you can google if you are still interested in knowing if your friend is possibly a starseed or not.

Mu.Dehai.Ursaeon Espehra said...

Thank you! This is what I'm learning as I have recently learnt that I'm a Pleiadian Soul, and this is so true for me. I'm also a hybrid Starseed soul. Thank you. <3

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