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"In the year 1999 and seven months The Great, KIng of Terror shall
come from the sky. He will bring to life the King of The Mongols. Before and after, Mars reigns happily."
C10 Q 72

The Ancient world believed in A Mysterious Comet Planet that would pass earth in great intervals, over several thousand years.

The Ancient Sumerians called this Comet Planet, NIBIRU. The Egyptians named it, "THE PLANET OF A MILLION YEARS" and Ancient Babylon renamedit MARDUK, the name of their god.

Actually the Sumerians (circa 3400 BC) believed in a solar system much as we have today, with a round earth revolving around the sun along with eleven other celestial bodies.

Pluto (1) Neptune (2), Uranus (3), Saturn (4) Jupiter (5) Mars (6),EARTH (7), Venus (8),Mercury (9), The Moon (10), The Sun (11) and The 12th celestial body, being the COMET PLANET, which is actually Planet #10 in our solar system.

The Ancients believed NIBIRU, The Comet Planet, would travel clockwise(against our solar planets that travel counter-clock wise).NIBIRU passes earth through the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Nibiru was said to be slightly smaller than Jupiter, which would be a massive and visible object as it passed earth.

The Ancients believed that "their pantheon of 12 gods came from NIBIRU" (Comet Planet) and that "the gods were" their source of this advanced knowledge".

(Pluto was not discovered until 1856 AD and until the 1600's much of humanity believed the world was flat and the sun revolved around earth)."

Some Ancient Texts claimed NIBIRU passed earth every 3600 years, some every 10,500 years. The Comet Planet is kind of a giant version of Halley's Comet which passes earth every 72-76 years.

The Hindu Religion also believed the "gods came to earth" in the Sacred Year of 432,000 BC. Here is where things really get interesting.

In Gen: 6:3,YHWH GOD told Noah, "My Spirit will not always strive with man. Therefore his years will be 120".

Now if we divide 120 years into 432,000 years, we get 3600 years, the time the Sumerians believed it took NIBIRU to make a complete revolution around the Sun as it passes earth.

That means a "year for the Comet Planet" is 3600 years vs. 360/365 days for an earth year. This is almost reminiscent of The Bible where as it reads, "A DAY WITH THE LORD IS AS A 1000 YEARS.

The question now is "When did NIBIRU, The Comet Planet last pass earth?

I speak of The Comet Planet as being real because in The Spring of 2004 ad, NASA announced PLANET "X", the 10th planet exists as a Comet Planet that NASA named "SEDNA".

NASA claims that SEDNA is smaller than Pluto, passes earth every 10,500 years at a safe and harmless distance of 950 million miles.

It is possible that NASA had to announce the existence of Planet "X" a Comet Planet, as earth based observatories will soon see NIBIRU. But NASA is deliberately confusing safe and tiny "SEDNA" with the coming of the true Planet X, NIBIRU with its potential for global destruction?

JOSHUA: 10:13
could The Gravitation Pull of Nibiru, be SO STRONG that its passing earth caused the Earth to reverse spin on its axis, causing Day Light for 24 hours?

There are ancient legends in The South American world of a "day of darkness". This makes sense. If Israel/mideast experienced 24 hours of daylight, South America on the other side of the earth would haveexperience 24 hours of darkness.

The Ancient Mayans had an astrological Calendar. This is a 5000 year Calendar, which ends on DEC 22, 2012 AD. Many believe this date is DOOMSDAY, a Day of Great Global Cataclysm.

Assuming that 2012 AD will be the Passing of The Comet Planet (which Nosradamus wrote of), we know see an Amazing pattern emerge.

2012 AD-Next Pass

1588 BC Joshua 24 Hrs

5188 BC Pre Sumerian

8788 BC Stone Age

12,388 BC Leading to The Great Flood of Noah.

Many scientists believe The Flood occurred, 11,000 BC. Most Biblical scholars place the great flood around 5200 BC, another passing of Nibiru.

Gravitational pull upon the earth, when The Comet Planet passed, couldhave broken the Glaciers up and caused 1000 ft tidal waves to flood the earth, exactly what The Bible says in Gen: 6:99.

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Austin said...

i have been studying this too, isnt it odd that once it was discovered, shortly after it was discarded, you never hear about it anymore.
i think this is the same reason why we never hear of these 20 to 36 foot skeletons, whitch i bealive to be nephilim/fallen angles/spirt men. i think some of these Nephilim have a great deal of control in the govenment. this planet Nibiru and the finding of theses Nephilim skeletons are what they dont want us to focus on because it only proves verses in the bible. if you dont know what im talking about here is some links that might change a great deal how you look at things. this first video is 1/10 so after you watch go to the others cus it start out slow. same with the second link, the 3rd is 1 vid

if you want to contact me threw email

for some reason my faith in god these past years has strangthened greatly, when all hell breaks lose i think i will be ready, cus what happens god meant for it to happen, and what god wants i want. im only 16 but i try the best i can,hope these vids have some affect in your life.

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